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Feature: Control Staff View and Claim Options

An oldie but a goodie...

This one is for you. Over the last few years, we’ve worked hard to increase the levels of control and customisability that you have over your organisation’s Warp It portal.

In this article, we are going to explain a feature that has been there since the start that many may have forgotten about. We are going to explain how to control what your users can see when they are in the marketplace.

This is all about controlling what your staff get to view and claim outside of the organisation. 


To start, go to:

Settings > Control Users > Control What Internal Staff Get To Claim


The default setting on the dropdown menu is that your staff can view and claim internal items only.

When you first start rolling out your reuse project, it can be important that you keep it that way, as you want to build up your internal reuse programme before you start working with other organisations.

We always advise that you start simply, roll out your project incrementally, and try to focus on buy-in and registrations.

Once the internal trades are flowing nicely…

Once you’ve got that high participation, plenty of internal trades,  you’re ready to start engaging with third parties.


Again, go to:

Settings > Control Users > View and Claim Internal, Partner Organisations, and the Rest of Warp It Nationally




Once you have selected this option, when searching for assets, your staff will be able to see the surplus items of other organisations, claim them, and arrange collections. There’s a bit of control and risk associated with that, so your organisation needs to make sure that legally, as well as health & safety-wise, the correct procedures are in place.

You can send a specific message to external claiming parties.


Build friendships

We want to help make reuse mainstream, so we had to include features that everyone could relate to, such as friend requests. If you have partner organisations that you’re already linked up with and have an understanding with, perhaps in the same city or sector, you can instead use them to build up a network of friends to trade with. If this sounds preferable, to negate the risks of ‘The Rest of Warp It Nationally’, follow the steps below:

Settings > Control Users > View and Claim Internal and Partner Organisations


Three options for success

Depending on what stage of your reuse project you are at, you will most likely recognise which of the three options above is best for you. We hope that eventually, all organisations will be trading nationally, but it’s not within the constraints of all Warp It users, so we have to help where we can with features such as this one.


If you want help with donations to 3rd parties then email Ben about assisted donations.


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Daniel O'Connor

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