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New! Free Lab Reuse Campaign Materials

Recently we revealed that we were in the process of asking our community to help us design some amazing visual stimuli for laboratory or science facilities to boost reuse.


There are four main goals of these materials

  • Free up space through reuse
  • Reduce wastage in your facility
  • Extend lab budgets for science
  • Help labs be more sustainable and meet environmental goals


Who are the materials for?

We suggest that if you are the Warp It Lead, Warp It Admin, Sustainability Manager, Procurement Manager, or Lab Manager, then these graphics will be very useful to you.

lab reuse


What will you find in the FREE folder?

We’ve put together all of these amazing graphics

  • A lab reuse email signature
  • An image to post on your Facebook page
  • An image for your LinkedIn profile or company account
  • TWO amazing A4 posters promoting surplus asset reuse and free lab equipment.
  • A screensaver for the flat screens around your buildings AND business computers (talk to IT about having this installed company-wide)
  • An image for your Twitter accounts


What to do with the images

Edit the images to include your logo and remove ours (if you wish).


Post out the social media images to your feeds.


Print out the posters and stick them up around your estate.


Lab reuse as part of a wider surplus asset reuse program

We want to see lab equipment and supplies get reused, as these are often valuable niche assets that are far more useful going to a new home than being thrown in a skip.

Reuse should not just be taking place in the labs, but in the entire organisation, from top to bottom.

These graphics are our first graphics for the green and sustainable lab movement, and there will be more to follow in the future!


Download now!


Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.


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