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New: Warp It Launches Branded Stickers!

Warp It are here to support you every step of the way in your reuse journey.

To do that, we’ve produced some branded sticker templates to make it absolutely clear what is going to happen with your surplus assets- as part of a building move or as part of your reuse campaign.


What to do?

  1. Download the stickers.
  2. Edit the titles on the label to suit your needs.
  3. Print the stickers from our template onto peel-able stickers.


The stickers offer support in the following ways:

  • To support organisations with a large storage facility, who want to improve their organisation and separation behaviour. This, in turn, will help you know what items can be used internally, reused externally, sold, or donated to third parties.

  • To help group together items that are all being reused in the same destination, like another building or department on the estate. The items may also be used for a future renovation, and so should be kept in storage a bit longer.

  • To advise your porters which items are being reused through Warp It, and where to move them to.

  • To support building clearances, decants and decommissions. Simply put the stickers on the items that are being reused or salvaged, so that the clearance teams don’t mistake them for scrap.

  • When an organisation is first setting up, and has a lot of items whose location needs to be decided. The stickers can provide clarity.


The next step

Download the sticker templates below and get started!


Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 15.30.27


Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 15.30.11

Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

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Joseph Kennedy

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