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Reuse helps Norfolk community group source critical supplies for Ukraine

A community group helping humanitarian efforts in war-torn Ukraine has sent a huge amount of donations supplied by the Warp It reuse community.

North Norfolk Aid for Ukraine, which was set up in February 2022, made an initial appeal for medical supplies and equipment to help combat paramedics treat both injured soldiers and civilians.

Since then, it has collected and transported well over £500,000 of goods. This includes over £100,000 worth of medical supplies sourced from the Warp It reuse community, which were delivered to paramedics working on the front-line in Ukraine.

medical donations

Above: a huge range of medical supplies have been donated

Supplies have included crutches and walking aides, minor operating kits, surgical gloves and gowns, suture kits, hundreds of bandages and dressings, x-ray bandages, feeding tubes, and syringes.

Alongside vital medical supplies and trauma equipment, the group has expanded donations to support rescue and construction efforts in Ukraine. Matthew Cole, one of the founding volunteers, said:

“The amount of aid we’ve managed to deliver in support of Ukraine has been remarkable. However, while the need for medical supplies remains urgent as heavy fighting continues, we have also been asked to help with rescue efforts in front-line areas and the building of bomb shelters.”

To meet this demand, the group established links with a range of organisations across the UK and offshore who have donated a wide range of resources from stretchers and rope rescue gear to bolt cutters, life jackets, harnesses, and hardhats. Other donations include a generator and a medical centre no longer needed by a rescue ship.



Above: links with a wide range of organisations have been established

Everything is distributed in the Ukraine by humanitarian organisation Berlin to Borders, which means everything is tracked and accounted for.

Matthew concluded:

“Our contacts in Ukraine tell us everything we send makes a huge difference and is genuinely saving lives. It’s been eye-opening to see all these resources being used to save lives, instead of left in storage or thrown away. The generosity and support we’ve had from the Warp It reuse community has been staggering and we can’t emphasis enough how grateful we are.

“However, we must remember while the global focus may have turned to Gaza, there remains great need in Ukraine. Civilians and soldiers are being killed and millions of people have been forced to flee their homes. Civilian infrastructure has been subjected to rocket attacks and artillery shelling, and thousands of people have lost access to quality medical care and basic social services.

“We remain committed to continue to do everything we possibly can to alleviate some of the unnecessary suffering. All continued support from the Warp It reuse community is very welcome indeed.”

Visit the North Norfolk Aid for Ukraine Facebook page.

Make a donation to North Norfolk Aid for Ukraine.

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Jennifer Clair Robson

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