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Warp It reuse community steps up to support medical mission to Ukraine

Warp It members have donated a wide range of medical aid and equipment to help combat paramedics in war-torn Ukraine, following an appeal by community group North Norfolk Aid for Ukraine.

In response, an estimated £100,000 worth of medical supplies were secured by the Warp It reuse community, which includes over 60 NHS Trusts, and they have already been delivered to paramedics working on the front line in Ukraine.

Supplies included medical stillages packed with orthopaedic operating kits, minor operating kits, surgical gloves and gowns, suture kits, hundreds of bandages and dressings, x-ray bandages, feeding tubes, sanitizers, and even burial shrouds.

Run by a team of volunteers, Norfolk Aid for Ukraine was set up in February to fundraise and co-ordinate the collection and distribution of donations to the country. As well as medical aid, the group has also been given two patient transport ambulances and fundraised to purchase four 4x4 vehicles.

All five vehicles have been donated to the cause.


Above: Norfolk Aid for Ukraine fundraises and co-ordinates the collection and distribution of donations to the country.


Matthew Cole, one of the founding volunteers, explained:

“The response from the Warp It community has been amazing, and we received so many supplies we filled every cubbyhole in two patient transport ambulances to the brim! Everything we have been given so far has now been distributed to combat paramedics in Ukraine.”

The group has established a strong partnership with humanitarian organisation Berlin to Borders, who take the donations appropriate distribution facilities in Ukraine. This means everything is tracked and accounted for.



Above: patient transport ambulances were packed with supplies and sent to Ukraine.


Matthew said:

“Tapping into the range of medical equipment and supplies that are in the process of being redistributed to charities on the Warp It reuse network means we have made a difference to the grave situation people are facing in Ukraine. The situation is getting worse in Ukraine with towns and cities being bombed and civilians and utilities targeted daily. Many families are being displaced and are desperate for assistance.

“We are overwhelmed by the charitable spirit of the Warp It reuse community and how simple it has been to spread the word and secure donations. Ben Lynch, partnership manager at Warp It, was especially helpful and introduced us to countless disposal managers at hospitals. Ben sorted out all the administration requirements and made the whole process very easy. This was instrumental to the success of securing and delivering the donations so rapidly, and literally saving people’s lives.”


Above: donations included a wide range of medical supplies.


North Norfolk Aid for Ukraine is continuing to raise funds locally by organising community events and raffles and encouraging local people to deliver donations at drop-off points throughout the area. They have also launched an urgent winter shoebox appeal to send a range of goods to service personnel on the frontline and children still in the country.

Items needed for the shoebox appeal, which will be sent on Friday 9 December 2022, include gloves, hats, energy bars, chocolate ration packs, along with toys for children.

The group is organising monthly trips to Ukraine and ongoing medical donations are needed.

Matthew concluded:

“As the horrendous humanitarian situation continues, we remain determined to continue to do everything we possibly can to alleviate some of the unnecessary suffering. All support from the Warp It reuse community, including first aid, trauma and surgical kits, dressings, bandages and tourniquets, and transfusion systems, are very welcome indeed.”


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