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Training and Support for Your Reuse Program (Stakeholder Web Sessions)

We believe in the value of training and support, which is why we are launching Stakeholder Buy-In Webinars to ensure your reuse system gets off to a flying start.


These webinars are for Warp It customers, prospective customers and also any other organisation who feels they need to get stakeholders pulling behind reuse!


Our vision is to make reuse normal and we know how to do that so we will help any organisation who i on that same journey. 

We also offer these Webinars to support existing reuse systems where they can benefit from greater levels of automation or participation.

Reuse projects need collaborators

Getting reuse to thrive internally and externally requires collaborators from around the estate, but getting support from these collaborators can be a real challenge. The best thing you can do is to show everyone on the estate how they benefit from reuse.

Here are some helpful resources:

How does a Waste Manager benefit?

How does a Space or Decant Manager benefit?

How does a Director of Estates benefit?

How does a Head Porter benefit?

How does the ‘big boss’ benefit?

How does a Procurement Manager benefit?

How a workshop can gain support from all

What is a stakeholder session?

We can book you in for a stakeholder session. This online session can help with things like buy-in, participation, and understanding the abilities of the software.

The stakeholder sessions can be joined either by bringing the relevant people into a conference room with a large computer screen, or by each member joining from their desktop, tablet, laptop, or phone.

In the web session we outline the benefits to each of the stakeholders, present the overview, and take any questions that may be had.


warp it user taking notes


The objective of this online meeting is to explain the benefits of a strategic reuse system to the stakeholders within the organisation who have a direct interest or benefit from reuse.

These stakeholders will include procurement, major purchasers, asset management, space management, facilities management, waste management, sustainability management and finance management, as well as those who are involved with building decommissioning.


We give an overview of reuse and the general benefits it provides. We then highlight the benefits to each of the above stakeholders. This group will learn how a strategic reuse system will help them save time and money at work.

The objective to this meeting would be to give enough evidence to get ongoing support and participation in the reuse system within their organisation. This will give a solid foundation to rolling out or improving uptake on the reuse system and speed up adoption across the estate.

Customers find these support sessions help staff immensely and speed up the adoption of the system considerably. We have set the system up in 100s of different organisations and have seen most, if not all of the issues that might crop up and already worked out the shortcuts to success!


Book your stakeholder meeting right here.

We will then send you a webinar invite. 



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