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How Does a Waste Manager Benefit From a Reuse System?

The purpose of this article is to show the benefits of a Warp It reuse system to Waste Managers and other related positions.

The Waste Manager (or equivalent) on an estate usually has responsibility for all of the waste that's produced there. This means one of their key objectives is to dispose of this waste in a safe, legal, and sustainable manner. That means managing, recycling, and disposing of solid waste, hazardous waste, bulky waste.

If they’re keen to take things to the next level, they’re already working on reduction and reuse too.


What else is the Waste Manager responsible for?

The Waste Manager takes responsibility for items that end up in skips and which must be disposed of at a cost. Their work is a normal part of the day to day running of an estate, as there are always items ending up in the waste streams that shouldn’t be there, like chairs, stationery, equipment, and more.


Problem: Too much waste in skips

Solution: New opportunities for waste

The benefit of a reuse system for a Waste Manager is that instead of waste ending up in skips or yards, the waste actually gets diverted and given an opportunity for a second life, either on the estate or externally.

An effective reuse system means the Waste Manager never has to deal with that bulky waste, like furniture or equipment, and since it stays out of the Waste Manager’s process, it saves money on waste disposal costs, as well as saving the time and hassle of having to load those assets in to skips or take those assets out of buildings. 


Problem: Lack of transparency and sustainability reporting

Solution: A system that tracks data on your behalf

Usually, the Waste Manager has to report on things like waste-to-landfill statistics, recycling figures, incineration data, and sometimes how much waste had been reused. If you use a systematic automatic use system (something like Warp It), which tracks various data points around the assets, the system will be able to give the reuse manager a handy report at any time they need.


Problem: Company culture doesn't include resourcefulness

Solution: Embed a system that does

When you start to develop a system in your organisation it raises the awareness of waste in general, which has a knock-on effect on recycling and other waste behaviours. The thing about reuse and especially ‘bulky waste’ reuse is that if the items end up with the Waste Manager, that's the end of the process. By the time that bulky waste ends up with the Waste Manager, it’s probably too late to be reused (without Warp It in place). That's why we say that reuse isn't really a waste issue, it's more of a procurement issue. It's a symptom of a broken procurement system.


Problem: Ugly skips around the estate

Solution: Handle bulky waste differently and watch them disappear

Bulky waste ends up in skips around the estate, and skips aren’t exactly attractive, they make your estate look ugly and inefficient with its resources, which is not ideal if you have site visitors. The fewer skips you need and use, the better, and this will probably free up some car parking spaces where many businesses usually store a skip.

It’s the job of the Waste Manager to dislike waste, to be in a constant battle with it, trying to eliminate it with all of the techniques they can, like recycling, reduction, and reuse. A reuse system like Warp It supports all three methods.



What questions might you ask a Waste Manager about implementing a reuse system?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Do you want to reduce bulky waste on your estate?
  • Do you want to have fewer skips and a smaller waste management bill?
  • Do you want to track weight, carbon, time, donations and more for your waste?
  • Do you want to donate items to third parties, charities, schools and more to support your local economy and community?
  • Do you want the workforce on your estate to behave differently towards waste and sustainability?


If they said yes, yes, yes, yes, yes then attend our next webinar!

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Convinced the Waste Manager?

Need to convince some others?

Here are some helpful case studies

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