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Here’s the big question about Porters:

Do your porters ever complain that one day they’re making a disposal, say for example some chairs, and then the very next day they’re making a delivery of NEW chairs to a different part of the estate?

If the answer is yes, you need to continue.


Here’s another question:

If you have storage, do your porters ever find that they move some items (let’s say chairs) into your storage area one day, only for someone else to then claim those chairs a few days later and they have to move them out of the store and to the new owner? Double handling...


A follow-up question:

Wouldn't it have been easier to match the chairs with their new owner while they were still in their old point of use? Instead of having to move it from A, to storage, to B, you've only got to move it from A to B. (We can do that)


Delivery of new. Disposal of old. 


 When you reuse an item on the estate you prevent two portering tasks.

1) The delivery of a new item

2) The disposal of an old item

Those two tasks are merged into one. The transport of as asset from A to B.

So you are going to see some time saving. 


Disposer Dan does

Disposer Dan should-1

Reducing the number of movements to save time

For the time saving alone this all makes sense.

One of the main reasons why porters take sick leave is due to injuries. The unnecessary movement of heavy furniture causes manual handling injuries.

  • Reduce double handling
  • Stop new deliveries by reusing
  • Stop disposals by reusing


Reducing the number of movements to reduce injury

Furthermore,  often on an estate it’s the job of the porters to dismantle and smash up furniture in order to maximise skip space. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just take those reusable items to new owners instead of exposing your porters to injury risks?


Free up space in the yard

By reusing furniture, you start to free up space in the waste yard. Do you find that your colleagues and staff, when they want to dispose of an item, just dump it outside? Then they expect the furniture fairies to come along and take it away. By providing your staff members with an easy-to-use reuse system, you can reduce the incidents of internal tipping.


A reuse program brings a lot of feel-good benefits

Once it’s working, people no longer see stuff in skips. People see that things are being reused. People see that they're saving money, saving the environment, and that's a really good vehicle and story for the head porter. Through this, the porters demonstrate their worth to the organisation.

By setting up a reuse program and embedding it into the process of the organisation, employees can catalogue assets right now, so by the time the building porters or decommission team arrives, assets can already be booked out and claimed across the estate. This way, all the assets move from A to B. Rather than A to skip or A to store..


Setting up your own reuse scheme to help the porters

If you don’t want to use Warp It, you can just set up your own ad hoc reuse system with the porters. They’re well-connected across the estate, they know who’s getting rid of what, where, and when, and they know when the building clearances are scheduled to take place. They might have a good idea of who wants what and they’re also the common port of call for employees to find out what’s in the store.

Of course, that’s one way to do things, but that information all lives in the porter’s head, and that’s not an efficient or accessible place for it. This bottlenecks the scalability of your reuse project. Your porters can’t be in two, three, or four places at once, but Warp It can, it’s on the computer of every registered member.

Make life easier for your porters, start working with Warp It, and see how quickly you can scale reuse, avoiding those frustrating manual bottlenecks and inefficiencies.


Case study

You can get the same info from the porters mouth right here.


There's a much better way to handle building clearances

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