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New UK waste reduction policy programme

The UK government has announced plans to encourage increase reuse, repair, and recycling as part of its goal to achieve a circular economy.


The Maximising Resources, Minimising Waste programme sets out the government’s intentions on waste prevention and emphasises the need to make reusing and reducing the norm.

It includes a plan to scrap fees for household bulky furniture collection, proposals for reforming battery regulations, and measures such as tax on plastic packaging and the bans on single-use plastic items such as cutlery and plates.

The paper outlines the following themes for a policy approach:

  • Systems and services: this includes collection and take-back services encouraging reuse, repair, and leasing options.
  • Designing out waste: this includes Extended Producer Responsibility schemes.
  • Data and information: this includes materials databases, product passports, and voluntary corporate reporting.

Increasing repair and reuse is key to supporting the move towards a circular economy which many businesses and community groups are already embracing by using the Warp It system. Read about the latest achievements by the Warp It reuse community.


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