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Downloads, Templates & Guides to Help You Make Reuse Mainstream in Your Organisation

Save time, get our templates!

This page links to all of the templates that you will need to publicise and embed your furniture and equipment reuse program in a smooth and efficient way.

The purpose of each template is to save you time. We created templates that we think will fit  specific scenarios - you just need to drop in your own details and customisations. 

If you feel your furniture reuse system is not embedded well into your organisational culture, you really need to be communicating to your members as often as you think is relevant via, as many channels as you can.

We recommend when you are launching that you should communicate at least once every 3 months.

Here are links to the templates...

At each link we direct you to an article or a landing page which explains a little more about the best way to use the template. 

1. Launch

Use this article and template to launch your reuse system. This might be the most important communication you make about your reuse program so make sure you involve your communications team.


2. Intranet site

Using your internal internet, or intranet, as a means of communicating organisational change and developments, can be very effective if done well. Try this template to get started.

Use the intranet well and it can help you with the following:

  • Let the internet work for you while you sleep!
  • Get a quick win and keep your communications flowing. 
  • Launch your reuse programme
  • Tell your stakeholders how to participate
  • Tell your stakeholders why you are doing this
  • Demonstrate senior leadership


3. Quarterly / annual staff update

Taking a minute to reflect on the successes, challenges, and progress made in your reuse programme can provide you and your staff with a great deal of motivation. Saying 'Look how far we've come', and backing it up with evidence is a good place to start. Grab the template here.


4. Donations to charity

Collaborating with charities is so wholesome and worthwhile, but a lot of organisations don't even know where to begin. We were so keen to improve the engagement with this feature that we put together some very helpful resources. This article is a great starting place, as is this one, and this is the charity press release template that you can download for free.


5. Building decommission

Reuse often happens on an individual asset-by-asset scale, but occasionally, when a building decommission takes place, hundreds, or even thousands of items suddenly become available. Being able to communicate the fact that there is an abundance of reusable items to your organisation is so important for ensuring their reuse. This article explains more, and this template should help get the word out. 


6. Templates to help you communicate your reuse program

In this section you will find


7. Communication packs for specific reuse campaigns

1. Implementation meeting plan template

2. Reuse project launch message template

3. Influencer staff email template

4. Reuse policy template

5. One-to-one training support template


8. How to deliver a successful project & support materials

1. Define success at the start

2. One thing you can do to ensure success

3. 6 Steps to success cheat sheet

4. Free download to help define success



There are dozens of helpful and insightful templates here to speed up your activities so that you can use your time where it is most effective.

Please let us know if there is any problem with our templates, or if you'd like to thank us and have a chat, get in touch with daniel@warp-it.co.uk

Thanks for reading!

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