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Feature: Values in the Database

Many of our users are curious to know how we attach values to certain items. Where do we get the data behind our metrics?


What’s the deal?

Behind the user interface of Warp It is a big database consisting of every different type of category and sub-category of assets, stationery, furniture, and equipment that organisations traditionally procure.

Against each sub-category we’ve got a replacement cost value as a unit currency, this was done by taking the cheapest option and the premium option for an asset and finding a reliable medium.

We’ve also got weight (KG), so how do we get this figure without weighing everything? We received figures from Google and reference documents, giving average weights for the different assets. This is for everything from pens and pencils, up to sofas and cabinets.


What about items that we don’t have in our database?

Every now and again we are presented with a unique item that challenges our database. In these instances, we ask the user who listed the item to specify the new sub-category, a replacement cost and a weight estimate. We then check these figures against Google and our reference documents, before adding it to our database.


Why is this important to know?

This is important because you want robust data to report to Senior Management about your reuse activities. Why should you report on your reuse activities? Simple, because you want to demonstrate the value of reuse to your organisation. You want to show that it’s a good activity, that it saves money and helps the environment, and that if the Government asks you for your reporting one day, you have it all. You might also want to get more funding for expanding your reuse project and reporting data will really help this.


Have we answered your questions?

If you’re still curious about our values, please get in touch with Daniel@warp-it.co.uk


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