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Accessing Warp It from overseas

Donations to charity, both in the UK and abroad, from the Warp It community has reached £4,713,807 and continues to rise.

Thousands of items such as office furniture, fixtures and fittings, soft furnishings, catering and kitchen equipment, office stationery and consumables, uniforms, lab equipment, and medical equipment, have been distributed for reuse to charities, schools, social enterprises, and community groups.

Many of these are in the UK and an increasing number are located overseas.
This includes the Sylvia Lanka Foundation (SLF), the Kori Development Project, and Health Care Relief Charity (Health Care for Africa).

Much of the donations are linked with assisting rural hospitals and education or healthcare initiatives.

The Sylvia Lanka Foundation, which provides food, shelter, education and medical aid, is ne charity that has used Warp It to great success. The international charity has distributed essential furniture among rural hospitals abroad with donations sourced from the Warp It community. This has included birthing beds, cots, bedside cupboards, tables, and lockers that could no longer be used by NHS Trusts.

Similarly, The Kori Development Project, which transforms the lives of girls and women in Sierra Leone by giving them access to education, has furnished schools with donations sourced from Warp It. The primary and secondary schools lacked essential resources, including desks, filing cabinets, and classroom chairs, so pupils used bricks to work on while sitting on the hard floor. Partnering with Warp It allowed them to secure furniture and equipment otherwise heading to landfill and improve the learning environment for school pupils.

international charity

Above: Sylvia Lanka Foundation (left) and the Kori Development Project (right) are just two international charities benefitting from Warp It donations. 


Charities and other third sector organisations located overseas can easily claim used and unwanted furniture, fixtures, fittings, from the Warp It community.

Items are free although collection and shipping of the items must be arranged.

To sign up to Warp It the following criteria must be met to ensure the safe and legal donation of the items.

  1. You must be a school, charity, social enterprise, or community group with governance documents from either the UK or your own country.
  2. If not a charity, social enterprise, or community group you’ll need to affiliate with a charity or school in the UK or your own country.
  3. If you cannot affiliate with a charity, social enterprise, or community group then you need to provide a headed letter from the hospital or institution you are donating the items to confirm that they will accept the items.

Sign up here if you fulfil the criteria and if you have any queries or need assistance, please contact Ben Lynch, Partnership Manager, on 0800 048 8755 or email ben@warp-it.co.uk.

Charities, schools, and other third-sector organisations can also join the dedicated WhatsApp group to easily view and claim items.

The group make it easy for charitable organisations to see and claim things they need quickly from the Warp It redistribution system with just a few taps on their phone.
It’s free join and there is no need to register with the Warp It redistribution system, until they want to make a claim.

Join the Warp It WhatsApp group.

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Read this round-up of donations given to charities, schools and other third sector organisations by the big-hearted Warp It community.

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