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Communications campaign download: Don't buy it. Warp It. Don't bin it. Warp It.

by Becky

Materials for a reuse campaign

At the end of this article you can download materials such as screen savers, email signatures, social media images and posters to use to deliver the visual element of a reuse campaign to promote your Warp It furniture and equipment reuse program.

Animated LAUNCH email signature.gif

You are going to need:

  • 5 minutes to read this article
  • 15 minutes to digest the downloads
  • 4-5 hours to get everything ready and launched

We are going to make it super easy and super quick for you to deliver a communications campaign to encourage staff to add their surplus furniture and equipment to your reuse program.


In this article we give you the reasons why a reuse campaign is an easy win with some top tips on delivering effective communications. We also give you access to:

  • Draft  communications strategy- will take you 20 mins to complete
  • Campaign branded email signature/s- easy way to promote, see above for one example.
  • Several different campaign branded editable PDFs- distribute and print off for posters..or make pull up banners!
  • Campaign branded screen savers- everyone will see it! Get the IT Dept to set this up. 
  • Campaign branded jpgs to share on social media 

 office items poster editable.png

Top tips

Here are our top tips for delivering your campaign.

Set out what you are hoping to achieve.

As with any marketing campaign, clearly identify what you want to achieve.   Set targets and think about how and when you will measure success. We have produced a communication plan for you here.


Get your communications & IT team involved. They will do a great deal of these activities for you.

Electrical poster.pdf.png


Tell your staff what you are doing and why they are seeing these new visuals. You can use one of our templates here.

Don't forget about face to face!

Other staff on your estate want to help you! Don't forget about those personal relationships. Get influential staff to help you! See guidance here.

Become the face for reuse

There's a saying in sales. People buy from people. So you need to get out there and sell your program. Or as Allan Peddie of University of Edinburgh puts it. Be the face for reuse. Or as Andy Hay of NHS Tayside puts it. Mr Warp It!

Here is a guide on why being the face for reuse is important.



Download the materials here!

Here's another Warp It hack

Use our templates to save time and get ideas!

Free Download



Reuse is a simple solution for a big problem. I am here to help you understand the story and participate!


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