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London Warp It Reuse event. Speaker takeaway messages & presentation downloads

Reuse within and between organisations. Warp It Workshop. 

Improve your reuse program! Making reuse mainstream! Adopt circular economy practices.

Our first Warp It meet up happened in London on the 22nd March.

What a day! 4 hours. 5 speakers. 2 workshops.  40 attendees from NHS, University, Central Gov, Council and charity sector.

So much value and top tips to maximise reuse!

It was quite a whirlwind! 

You can read about the motivations for this event here.

In the following article we summarise the speakers key messages and give you the presentations to download. 

Videos to follow soon!


John Bailey

John is the Head of Sustainability at the University of London, he drew on years of experience in the sustainability field in and around London, working on numerous interesting and innovative projects.

In his presentation John talked about how to get people interested in sustainability by nudging. He talked about his bee keeping project and the positive impact that had had. 

We interviewed John in 2017 to discuss his university beekeeping project.

In this talk, he providing great ideas on how to win buy-in from stakeholders. He outlined a few great tricks that have successfully managed to get sustainability out across the organisation beyond the usual hard-core and make sustainability something that everyone at the University just does.

John recommended downloading Sell the Sizzle and reading The Nudge. 

Key Takeaways


Siôn Griffiths

Siôn works as a Senior Sustainability Adviser in HMRC. HMRC is a very large organisation with many different departments, going through a huge period of change- therefore behaviour change is a challenge.

In this presentation Siôn described how HMRC trialled the reuse platform across 15 agencies and departments. Siôn outlined his biggest 5 challenges changing practices across Central Government. He goes on to highlight the savings and benefits that were accrued. 

Siôn's key takeaways were

  • Identify your key stakeholder and influencers – what can they do for you? (Article here to help)
  • Focus on areas that will deliver the greatest savings 
  • The power of storytelling
  • Integrate Warp-It into future estates planning (Guide here)
  • Keep going!


Abbey Adigun 

Abbey is the Warp It Lead at the Royal Free NHS. Although the Royal Free have only been on the system for 7 months they have already saved £70K! 

Abbey gave an overview of how things work at Royal Free- highlighting challenges and achievements. 

Here is a video from their Group Deputy Chief Exec to help encourage reuse to everyone within the trust.



Abbey's key takeaways were


Fiona Daly

After 8 incredible years working for Barts Health NHS Trust and a six month Business Development role to develop health led water efficiency solutions in the Private sector, Fiona continues to follow her passion for establishing and delivering sustainable healthcare with NHS Improvement.

Fiona's presentation illustrated her passion for creating and delivering sustainable healthcare systems with limited or no funding!

She takes you through a motivating journey highlighting some of her favourite projects, their impact and how she funded them.

Fiona then finished up with advice around getting things done- in environments that seem to obstruct at every turn!

Fiona's key takeaways were

  • Be Bold. Be Tenacious. Be Creative. Be Genuine
  • Attitude is everything
  • Talk story to bring people with you
  • For every no there is 1000 YES's!


Charles Craft

With London Reuse Ltd: Charles developed and co-ordinated business development opportunities for a network of 38 partners in the not for profit waste services sector with a common goal in waste reduction, re-use of products and materials, training and development of marginalised individuals.

Therefore Charles was perfectly placed to talk in depth about how to work with the charity sector to maximise your external reuse of surplus assets. 

There are various types of charities who will take big and small and in this presentation Charles talks through the various players and offers top tips at the end. 

Charles' key takeaways were

  • Build relationships with key partners who have capacity
  • Give plenty of notice on big clearances
  • Don't forget about the little guys who will actually use your office furniture in their operations!

Don't forget

Daniel also talked about the resources that are available on the blog. For example:


Download the presentations below!

warp it presenations


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Daniel O'Connor

Daniel O'Connor

I use my time and experience to contribute to the transition to a regenerative sustainable society for all.

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