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Helping NHS Integrated Care Systems reuse assets better

Warp it helps the NHS collaborate and use its land and buildings better; this saves money, maximises asset value and liberates space.


Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) work across NHS and local authorities, and emphasises partnership, collaboration, and flexibility to pool resources and budgets, manage pressures, enhance productivity, and improve patient outcomes.


On Warp It, stakeholders can swap and trade surplus assets within and between organisations; everyone benefits.


Furthermore, if you join Warp It as a big group you can get big discounts!

Here's how Warp It helps ICS

  • Makes the reuse and redistribution of surplus assets easier between partners in the NHS and beyond.
  • An easy win for demonstrating organisations can collaborate. 
  • Saves money in procurement; these funds can then be better spent elsewhere.
  • Demonstrates the effectiveness of the ICS.
  • Improves estates management by reducing waste and liberating space.
  • Makes collaboration easier and builds trust between organisations.
  • Brings social benefits with asset donations to charity and school partners.
  • Give procurers much better purchasing intelligence as the system creates a massive inventory of surplus right across the ICS.

And additionally...

  • Reduce procurement costs right across the ICS
  • Reduce procurement paperwork- saving time
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce waste costs
  • Save space
  • Reduces porter costs
  • Make people happy! (It's true check it out here).
  • and of course save carbon emissions!

There are changes taking place within the NHS.

As the health and care bill is the establishment of a new network of Integrated Care Systems (ICSs).

An ICS is an evolution of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) into a fully-integrated care model. They work across NHS and local authorities, and emphasises partnership, collaboration, and flexibility to pool resources and budgets, manage pressures, enhance productivity, and improve patient outcomes.

There are 42 ICSs in England, and each covers a specific geographic area representing a collaboration of health and social care providers for that region.

The NHS for Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland have used integrated care models for some years. Each of the ICSs is responsible for planning, assessment, funding allocation and care provision for its own region and tailor provision to the needs of its population.


What items can be exchanged?

The types of assets that get swapped within and between Trusts and other agencies includes furniture, stationery, medical equipment and clinical supplies, lab equipment, and lots more.

Furniture often includes desks, chairs, coffee tables, filing cabinets, whiteboards, sofas, and magazine racks.

Stationery includes items such as folders, binders, staplers, pens, pencils, labels, scissors, sticky notes, paper, notebooks, envelopes, and clipboards.


NHS Net zero

Above: medical equipment includes hospital and birthing beds.

Old or unwanted medical equipment can include birthing beds, cots, bedside cupboards, lockers, inspection lamps, crutches, walking aides, and wheelchairs.


The system acts a a massive inventory of what is available across the ICS. Great for tracking surplus PPE for example. 

See what’s currently available on the system. 


Warp It in action

We have loads of examples and case studies of reuse in action within the NHS.


Devon and exeter hospital-1


Recent examples include the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust which saved over £1,600 in waste by donating items to a charity in Sri Lanka and The Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust reported saving a total of £367,321 and avoided 67,449kg of waste.

Hywel Dda University Health Board delivered £230k in savings thanks to reuse using the Warp It redistribution service, and there are many Scottish NHS Health Boards that have saved over £100k with many approaching the £250k mark.

The system helps NHS Trusts that are merging departments or units to help them use surplus assets correctly. This saves money on procurement and facilities management; these savings reduce the costs of facility management and procurement and diverts savings into front-line care.



We help the NHS to collaborate and use its land and buildings better- saving money, maximising asset value and liberating space.

Get in touch if you want to embed reuse into your ICS and reap the benefits or invite us to talk to your facilities, procurement, asset management, or collaboration teams. 



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