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Why CEOs LOVE Warp It...

I was just on the phone to one of our customers and she was taling about pitching our services to their CEO. So I took her through all the reasons that a CEO who leads a large organisation would like our service and how we can help them towards their objectives. 


As I was talking i was thinking this would make a really good blog post and so here it is!


Dear CEOs,

Your employees have sent you to this article for a whole host of reasons that we are going to clarify and explore in this piece. For the purpose of ease, we’ve split the piece into two parts, first the general benefits of Warp It to CEOs of large organisations, and then second we have shone a light on the Healthcare Industry, one particular industry in which we’ve made a huge difference and gained a lot of heartfelt support.




General benefits to CEOs

CEOs love us - here’s the proof

See The Sunderland Partnership’s key figures explain how Warp It changed the resourceful landscape of the city.


See Royal Free NHS Hospital's Deputy CEO talk about their love for Warp It below:


Reduce your inefficiencies

CEO's are required to improve how organisations operate to reduce costs. One way is to make more effective processes. Ending the wasteful disposal of assets by introducing a Warp It reuse programme is a great long-term idea for CEOs to improve the effectiveness of the procurement and disposal function 


Maximise your budgets

Why spend money when you don’t need to? CEOs have to think about the bottom line of the organisation, so by using Warp It to reduce waste management spent and increase staff time savings, you can make huge financial and environmental gains.


Productivity gains as part of a strategy

CEOs love to increase productivity without increasing expenditure, which means better, faster, and cheaper, whilst reducing delays and increasing optimisation. There is even evidence that we make your staff happy! Warp It supports all of that, just read our case studies!


Improve organisational psychology

Don’t underestimate this point as it’s often a huge driver in why companies choose to use Warp It. Items sat in skips or left out in the rain after being deemed unwanted create a negative psychological effect on any staff member that sees them! Fix this and remove that negative impact. Quickly, the staff will become happier and more involved.


Embrace technology

CEOs that refuse to innovate will eventually get left behind. Warp It is innovative software designed to solve the problem of ‘disposing’ of reusable assets. We can reduce waste, improve sustainability, save man-hours, and make a cost-saving in your organisation, all of which you can shout about to improve PR.


Engage staff and make them responsible

Staff take ownership and will be thrilled to have a tool that allows them to take responsibility for surplus assets, sustainability, and reducing their own budget savings in a new way. This responsibility becomes part of the corporate culture and says to outsiders ‘We keep our home tidy and make improvements from within’.


Take pride in the surroundings

You want your employees to want to come to work, to want to thrive in their careers in the space, and to want to engage in anything they are involved in. An uncluttered work environment helps them to focus on what is truly important. At the same time, all of these improvements will demonstrate your effective leadership to other organisations, whether they be potential partners or competitors, or the charities that you are linked with.


Opportunity for an intern

Running the Warp It system is not a full-time job, it’s quite low-intensity once you get it going. In fact, after the initial launch, it’s a perfect project for an intern to manage and in turn, they will gain an opportunity to lead a project that teaches them about sustainability, relationships between internal departments, waste management, procurement, and so much more. You want to inspire the next generation of leaders, don’t you?


Healthcare industry

Dear CEOs, please see the following as an example of an industry that has embraced the Warp It platform and technology to great effect.


NHS Supplier of the Year

Dear CEOs, we know how important a healthy and reliable supply chain is, so you’ll be pleased to know that the entire NHS voted us their Supplier of the Year. Our furniture reuse programme is well-loved and supporting huge amounts of savings across the UK. You can read more about that here.


A stark realisation

The NHS realised that scrapping items instead of reusing them meant that another member of staff or another part of the NHS would be procuring them brand new, incurring greater costs and propagating a broken system. We solved the problem, savings loads on procurement and disposals, freeing up a big chunk of the budget for more important expenditure.


CQC Audits - Solved

Physical space is at a premium in the NHS’ facilities, so when CQC Audits come around, there’s a huge rush to declutter and clear spaces - at least, there was, before Warp It arrived and helped find new homes for all of the loose items hanging around. Having better control over the owned assets has led to improved infection and control practices too.


Collaborations are key

Warp It helped NHS organisations to build strategic partnerships with one another, swapping and sharing assets between the various trusts. You could replicate this concept in your organisation and welcome powerful collaborations with partners to bring about profitable and sustainable change.


There you have it CEOs, you can’t really argue with that, can you?


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Joseph Kennedy

Joseph Kennedy

My journey is education, communication and innovation. My destination is a world free from environmental collapse, ecological ruin and unbreathable air.


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