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5 Examples of How National Contractors Can Benefit From Warp It

This article has been put together to illustrate the ways in which contractors and suppliers can add value to their relationships with their clients in the fields of sustainability, waste management, and facilities management, all by using Warp It.


What is Warp It?

Warp It is a tool used by many large organisations to reuse and redistribute surplus assets around estates, organisations, and with third parties.


The Facilities Management function

Organisations have FM staff moving assets around, disposing of assets, and reusing assets. These FM staff might be internal, or from an outsourced company, be it national or local, such as yourselves.

Organisations need your help for lifting, shifting, breaking things down, disposing, moving things around, and trying to find new homes for reusable assets.


How does Warp It support local and national Facilities Management suppliers?

We provide a way for you to add value to your contracts and service offerings by including additional high-value services, such as reuse. But, do people even care about reuse? Of course they do! The Estate Director loves reuse. The Waste Manager loves reuse. Most of the departments love reuse!

If you are a supplier or a contractor that wants to develop your client relationship and improve your contract with a client by providing high-value services, Warp It puts you in a position to implement a reuse programme on their behalf.


Why would you go to the trouble of a reuse programme?

Firstly, you’re going to be offering massive financial savings, some of them through reduced procurement, and some of them through reduced waste management costs. You’re going to actually reduce the amount of waste created, which is great for their sustainability reporting. You’re also going to be introducing a method of ethically disposing of assets, by passing them into the 3rd (charity) sector.

You may be thinking that it’s counterintuitive to reduce the waste bill, as you may generate an income from this, but you can recoup that income through an improved contract. Fewer skips and dumpsters made up of bulky reusable items, like desks and chairs, once removed from the waste stream, will help the organisation massively.


Pushing the reputation agenda

As the Facilities Management supplier or contractor, it’s part of your responsibility to make sure the estate looks and feels good to its users. How can that be achieved if eyesores such as skips and wasted assets are laying around? How can that be achieved if waste trucks are constantly coming into the estate (a visual metaphor for wastefulness)? If you can present the argument to the organisation that a reuse programme will improve their reputation, you can make an easy sell.


The question remains…

Do you want to be a passive supplier, delivering the minimum requirements of the contract, or do you want to be an active supplier, going above and beyond to add value, thus improving the relationship and increasing the chances of renewal and selling further services?


Still not sure how useful reuse can be?

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