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Keep going relentlessly with these tools and tips

You’re in the thick of it. Covid-19 is taking centre stage, but the climate crisis is still waiting in the wings.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has emphasised that we must pursue a green, resilient and inclusive economic recovery. Nevertheless, we have to remember that the pandemic probably won’t automatically bring everyone to their senses and provide the correct course of action.

And it isn’t going to happen overnight either.

We’ve written about seizing the moment and bouncing forward previously, but we’re in for the long haul and the need for action remains urgent. So, we must think smarter, stay focused, and adopt a bold and positive mindset.

Here we have ideas and inspiration to help you stay persistent and determined, no matter how disheartened you may feel, in the continued fight for a better, fairer future.


Hang in there and stay tenacious!


Reframe the way you manage stress
Reframing techniques can be simple and easy way to help manage adverse situations. It can turn a stressful event into either major trauma or a challenge to be overcome. Get the gist of reframing, and start practising it and this article is also worth reading for a deeper understanding of this technique. 
Manage chaos with our mentorship programme
The very best businesses understand that by learning and sharing expertise they can leapfrog the timeline and achieve sustainability quicker. Get to where you want to be faster and join our online sustainability mentorship community. You can mentor or be mentored. 

Pick your SDG
Nobody can be successful in a world that fails and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide the basis for a solid and enabling environment. They lay out where we need to go and how to get there and can be used within large organisations, corporations and communities. Pick the goals that matter the most to your organisation and get on track to embedding them and achieving results. 

Be part of the Plan
The People’s Plan exists to make sure the people’s voice is heard in the quest for a green recovery. If the economy is going to be redesigned and restarted, we all must have a say.
The plan has three ways of doing this:
1. Petitioning the government to enshrine a green recovery at national level (petition)
2. Collectively emailing our MPs and councillors with highly personalised messages
3. Holding a nationwide virtual public consultation on how a green recovery can work in everyone’s local area

Get details of more campaigns to join or support here.


Ways to keep at it
keep going
If you're finding that modern life has so many ways to mess you up see our tips on how to fix it easily. If you’re finding it tough or things aren’t going as well as you’d hoped, check out these tips on how to keep things moving forward until problems are overcome and you can get back on track. These hints look staying positive and keeping spirits high during tough times and if you’ve hot a point right now and it seems like carrying on is next to impossible, see these eight good reasons you should keep at it just a little longer.
Most things actually aren’t impossible
Perseverance, next to adaptability is the most important skill you can have. And it’s just that, a skill. These killer strategies for never giving up will help you to stop giving up! Achieve the Impossible, by Greg Whyte, explores how we all have the ability to achieve what others may tell you is impossible with proper planning, preparation and vision.
We say just decide that you’re not going to quit; No matter what. End of story; and our ultimate guide to being persistent has some great advice on how to keep going if and when you do stop making progress.
Keep your cool
Stay calm
Is your reaction in keeping with the situation? It may be stressful, frustrating and annoying but can you recover from the situation? If the answer is yes, then chances are you’re blowing things out of proportion. Here are 10 ways you can keep really calm and sail through any stressful situation. 
Thoughts really do create your emotions, so it makes sense to focus on what we can control to empower and trigger positive emotions. Use this framework to reorient your thoughts and whisk them up into a more sunny state of mind. Also, see our tips on cultivating an optimistic attitude despite the challenges we face.
What is actually stopping you?
Are You a procrastinator? Well you need to stop! A raft of psychological studies have examined why we put things off and how to stop. Here are the top takeaways.
Daniel O'Connor, Warp It's founder and Head of Customer Happiness, shares his tips on how to practically make plans, be well-prepared and knowing what you want to achieve during the day, week, month or year. After all, if you don't make a plan it won't happen! Read our round up of ways to stop putting things off and get out and get busy and check out our write-up on how to infuse your life with action. 
Face up to your fears
There is, understandably, a great deal of fear during the present circumstances. Fear of the unknown. Uncertainty about the future.
However, to be resilient in this crisis we must manage our fear and panic. See these tips on how to face your fears and get past them, and unleash your innate boldness with our tips and tools to accomplish big things. And don't be scared to make mistakes! Here’s some things we love on how making mistakes can actually be brilliant – for many different reasons and our useful tips on how to bounce back from errors. 

Bouncing back from adversity can be exhausting, so now read we love persistence and resilience.

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Jennifer Clair Robson

Jennifer Clair Robson

Writing to make a difference because climate change, sustainability and the environment are issues close to my heart.

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