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What is the Administrator Role on Warp It?

Within an organisation that wants to make a change, there has to be an individual who can lead and take responsibility for that change.

Culture change requires the driven implementation and promotion of the new method from within.


For Warp It, the culture change we are promoting and helping organisations to implement is the end to willy-nilly disposals of useful assets. Instead of chucking things away carelessly, you photograph them and add them onto the system. Instead of procuring things you don’t need or already have elsewhere on the estate, you go to the Warp It system and you make sure that those assets aren’t already available.

That’s quite a bit change to make, especially when there are hundreds or thousands of members of staff. Someone has to take the bull by the horns and lead the way.


Who is that person?

The person who leads Warp It is typically someone from one of the following departments:


Reuse brings benefits to all of the departments/ functions above and so this is a collaborative project through and through.


That person leads the system-  but it should never be totally dependent on them, it should be done collaboratively with an implementation team or stakeholder team.


The role of the administrator

Once the person has been chosen (although it’s often clear from the start who they are), their regular tasks after setting up the system are to adjust the settings, customise the messages, and approve any staff members requests (more on that here).


The start is the most time-consuming part

In the beginning, the admin is going to be spending 5-10 days in accumulated time to work through the actual plan in getting the system set up (another important read). As well as setting up the system, the administrator has to gear everybody up to take action so that the admin can then eventually take a back seat. They will be seeking a change to the waste disposal and procurement policies so that the reuse system becomes automatic and staff are doing everything themselves.


Staff love to reuse

We’ve found that staff, once they get in the habit of it, love to reuse items (client endorsement article). However, it can be a bit of a challenge to get to that point. It can sometimes be a slow, incremental journey over time to change the culture of an organisation. The administrator will lead the system and check in with Warp It fairly regularly to get support and advice (We usually have a catch up every 2 weeks during launch) and we will help them directly, referring to the action plan to make sure that culture change happens in the quickest and easiest way.


If you’re the administrator

  • You’re logging in
  • You’re adjusting the settings
  • You’re customising anything that can be customised
  • You’re contacting departments for support
  • You’re solving problems that crop up
  • You’re running the system how you think it is done best (with our guidance)

But, there’s another major player on the system. The members.

The members

The members are the people using the system, the people around the estate who are going to be adding and claiming items, putting things on their wishlist and watch list, contacting the administrator with problems, and dealing with claims and requests. They are essential to making the system flourish, they are the standard users that every Warp It system cannot thrive without.

What’s different for the admin and the members?

The admin logs in with a username and password, whereas a standard user will log in with their email and password. Internally, the two accounts look a bit different. We recommend that you have at most three administrators, but ideally just one, because there are important settings that you don’t want multiple people adjusting. The end goal is for the administrator to reduce their time on the system, remember.

We also advise admin to set themselves up as a standard user as well, so that if they want to add or claim an asset, they can. If they can eventually become a standard user and reduce their admin time, it’s a great scenario to be in.


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Thank you for reading!

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