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Top 10 reuse tips

Warp It is a thriving online redistribution system allowing users across the UK and abroad to reuse unwanted and unloved items, diverting them from landfill. 

Reuse is better for the environment as products and materials are kept in use longer, and it’s a proven way to save money, minimise waste, reduce consumption, and the associated carbon impacts. See more about the benefits reuse offers.

To mark a decade of reuse with Warp It, here are our top 10 reuse tips.

1. Hold a stationery amnesty or set up a reuse station

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There's a huge range of stationery that can be reused. This includes items such as staplers, pens, pencils, labels, folders, scissors, sticky notes, paper, notebooks, envelopes, binders, and clipboards.

Find out who is responsible for stationery in your office and return all surplus materials to them and encourage colleagues to do the same. Get our guide to setting up your own Stationery Amnesty.

You can also set up reuse stations where staff can leave items they no longer need and trade them for other goods. Good places to set them up are in reception areas and staff communal areas. 

2. Organise clothes swaps

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Did you know an estimated £140 million worth of clothing is sent to UK landfill every year? And around 300,000 tonnes of used clothes are burned or buried in landfill each year? 

Old and unwanted clothes can and should be recycled, repurposed, upcycled, or reused by others.

By setting up a project focusing on swapping and reusing uniforms, as part of the reuse Warp It redistribution system, you'll save your organisation money, reduce disposal costs, cut carbon emissions, and prevent sending waste to landfill.

3. Run declutter days 


A declutter, or clear out, is a fantastic way to filter all the unnecessary and ineffective stuff you may be hoarding and redistribute wisely.

A clear out will also improve procurement and estates management and is an effective action towards reducing waste and achieving zero waste. It can also help boost productivity, focus and happiness and, ultimately, help staff turn up to work with a better mindset. Get advice on getting the most out of a clear out. 

4. Embed reuse into procurement policies 

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Nip waste in the bud through the procurement department and embed reuse into purchasing objectives. 

By putting in a claim on Warp It, there's no purchase order and no time wasted dealing with invoices. Staff become accustomed to looking on the system for procuring items, rather than buying new. Read 10 benefits of writing an organisational reuse policy. See our guide on getting the procurement team involved.  

5. Add reuse into waste disposal policies

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Embedding reuse into waste disposal policies is an effective way of ensuring reuse is taken seriously and consistently throughout the organisation.

A simple tweak to your waste disposal, or zero waste, policy can prevent perfectly useable items being sent to landfill. In turn, it will also help with your sustainability strategy, sustainable purchasing plans, and circular economy activities.

6. Ensure electrical goods are reused 

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E-waste is the planet’s fastest-growing waste stream and it’s estimated two million tonnes of electrical items are discarded in the UK every year.

Reusing or donating working electrical goods is always better than sending them for recycling or, worse, to landfill, and Warp It makes it easy to do this. Read more.

The range of electrical and electronic equipment is wide and includes appliances such as fridges, cookers, washing machines, dishwashers, irons, toasters, clocks, smartphones, games consoles, drills, cables, computers, and lawnmowers.

This also applies to clinical, lab, and medical equipment. See more

7. Donate to charities and third parties

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Giving unwanted furniture, equipment, and stationery to charities, schools, and other non-profits will support your net zero, social impact, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.

The charity benefits by receiving items they need to operate smoothly without having to dip into their limited funding while supporting a circular economy as they aren’t purchasing new stock. Nearly £6 million worth of assets have already been redistributed through the Warp It system for good causes to date. Read more. 

8. Encourage management and colleagues to think about reuse

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This Warp It communications campaign download: “Don't buy it. Warp It. Don't bin it. Warp It” will help you develop quick and easy wins for your reuse programme. Get management thinking about zero waste, achieve buy in, and see reuse become a key part of achieving your sustainability goals. 

9. Share your reuse stories and spread the word

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Inform staff, colleagues, and management about your reuse programme to ensure maximum engagement. Use this communications templatereach out with a newsletter and get our detailed advice on promoting your reuse activities here.

Don't forget we're on hand if you want to tell your Warp It reuse story. We can help increase your impact by writing a case study and sharing it on our website, in our newsletter, and on our social media channels. 

10. Get inspired and keep going

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It’s important to put yourself first on occasion. By helping yourself you can better help others while performing at an improved level both professionally and personally.

Get our tips on rest and self-care, and take inspiration from the achievements the Warp It reuse heroes. Get more tips and tools to reuse. 

Make circularity a priority for your organisation and start reusing today. Take the online tour and get in touch to join the Warp It reuse community.

See even more tips on reusing with Warp it. 

Read our guide to reuse.

Why reuse? The benefits of reusing.

Start reusing today and register with Warp It.

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Jennifer Clair Robson

Jennifer Clair Robson

Writing to make a difference because climate change, sustainability and the environment are issues close to my heart.


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