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A complete guide to using Warp It

by Becky

Our mission is to help organisations keep equipment, assets and ‘stuff’ circulating and we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone using Warp It.

Below is our directory to all the information guides on how to best to use the Warp it online redistribution system. And if you don’t already use Warp it, take the online tour and get in touch to join the reuse revolution! 


Signing up and managing user accounts 

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Automating the signing-up process for users.
Approving staff sign ups. 
Adding staff members in bulk
Downloading a members list.
Setting contact details for staff.
Deleting an account.
Deleting users and transferring their items. 
How to reject a staff member (politely)
Prioritising some members or organisations over others
Setting up a private network for a department.
Setting up sites, campuses, and departments.
Admin only to upload items.


Managing items on the reuse system

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Categorising items correctly. 
Altering descriptions of items listed on Warp it, individually and in bulk.
Understanding the status of an item
Setting an item’s status as claimed
Setting or adjusting a deadline.
Cancelling notifications and altering deadlines
Deleting options on a listed item
Viewing expired items
Handling items that have expired.
Claiming for items retrospectively.  
Booking, or pre-claiming, items.
Reserving, or holding, items
Uploading items in bulk. 
Transferring items in bulk to a user
Redistributing electrical goods
Listing lab equipment
Loaning out items.
Using store management settings.
Temporarily pausing your reuse portal


Using Warp It internally and externally

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Marking items to reuse internally only
Allocating uploaded assets internally.
Marking items to reuse outside of your organisation. 
Allocating uploaded assets directly to external partners, including charities.
Sending items straight to charities
Donating items to schools. 
Giving third parties instant access to items
Holding a share day. 
Getting a notification when items are claimed externally


Simplifying the user experience 


Setting a tick box feature to adhere with compliance requirements. This also allows you to ask questions when members add items or claim items.  
Setting checkboxes and customisable statements for items associated with specific risks. Adding extra fields on upload forms
Controlling what users can see on the reuse system.
Altering viewing options.
Filtering search results by person.
Understanding values of items in the database. 
Creating a customised report.



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Sending regular updates. 
Stop getting copied into emails from standard users.
Adding numerous email suffixes.
Using the admin forum.
Being the face of reuse.
Setting a unique domain for your reuse portal.
Customising a third-party claim message
Reminding a third-party claimant to collect the items.
Communicating specific information about electric goods

Need help? 

To book a screen share session to go over any Warp it feature, please get in touch and email becky@warp-it.co.uk.


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